Meet Barbara

Barbara is a part-time photographer and founder of A Reconciled Heart, a blog dedicated to individual healing and restoration. With a bevy of incredible experiences in tow, A Reconciled Heart readers are encouraged to laugh, cry and grow through Barbara’s authentic stories of trial and triumph. She uses this ministry to help women unearth joy, rekindle dormant dreams and experience the radiance she has found.

Needless to say, Barbara finds fulfillment in uplifting others. Through a bubbly personality that LOVES God, life and herself, she helps women confront depression, rejection and disappointment. Her desire is for you to experience the JOY that she spent decades trying to find…today. She is here to walk alongside you with the hope that you will begin to love yourself and feel true peace. The goal is health and reconciliation—for yourself, family and impacted love ones, every day.

Now, for the disclaimer. Barbara is not a licensed mental health professional and does not claim expertise in counseling, psychology or the like. What she can do, perhaps just as importantly, is provide support through storytelling, conversation and sisterly love. In other words, her posts can be your friend when you feel most alone. Together, every reader can bond over similar mistakes, misconceptions and miscalculations. She looks forward to taking the next step with you on the journey to A Reconciled Heart!

Sharing is caring! Through many experiences, Barbara has learned some valuable life lessons. This blog is dedicated to sharing some of those lessons for the benefit of your growth and journey to a reconciled heart. Her goal is to be a voice of camaraderie that she wished she had during some of her darkest days. God has blessed her to overcome the embarrassment and shame often attached to some of these stories, to help someone that may be in similar places. Barbara endured many struggles longing for someone to be transparent, authentic and honest. For these reasons, she will be real and honest with you.

Even though Barbara has started this blog, she is still learning and growing.  It is her prayer that through the blog posts and devotionals, you will develop alongside her as you journey to a healthier, happier, version of you one heartbeat at a time!